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Though El Estoque has historically had extensive coverage of concerts, I noticed that we had never explored how musicians learned new pieces. I visited choir and band classrooms in order to learn just how musicians took a piece from brand new to a level of mastery. I was inspired by the video styles of professional publications, so I equipped myself with some copyright free background music, Premiere Pro and a barrage of YouTube tutorials to create this short, captivating piece. 

Along with coverage of people, I believe that videos are a fabulous way to deliver interesting content. As a frequent illustrator for El Estoque, I decided to explore the world of animation and create a simple, appealing video that explained the complex legislation behind the Voter’s Choice Act, in a piece that won first place news video for JEANC. 

As we approached a second semester online in junior year, I noticed that my days had started blending together — with nothing to look forward to, it was difficult to find meaning in the monotony. I wondered how my peers were dealing with similar situations, so I asked all of them to send me videos of their daily routines. This gave the story a personal, lighthearted touch. 

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