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I am a freshman at Stanford University intending on majoring in computer science. I’m also interested in studying economics, feminist and South Asian studies, and philosophy.


I recently graduated from Monta Vista High School, where I served as the Editor-in-Chief of my high school’s award-winning publication, El Estoque. As a student journalist, I used my platform to uplift stories about social movements, sex education, and issues that affected my school and community. I was named JEA’s Journalist of the Year and NSPA’s Writer of the Year, which recognized me as the foremost high school journalist and journalistic writer in the nation, and won over 30 awards for my reporting.


Along with journalism, I was a sociology research assistant at UC Santa Barbara under the Research Mentorship Program. I won the Conrad Challenge’s “Oceans and Plastic Pollution” Division by designing a biodegradable, bioluminescent fishing net that mitigates bycatch and plastic pollution. I have volunteered for and served on the leadership team for multiple non-profit organizations that focused on education and providing tutoring services to underserved students. This summer, I’ve created a tutoring organization and have been acting as a math tutor and college essay editor.


I love to read (I’m currently reading “Why Fish Don’t Exist” by Lulu Miller), attempt to beat my high score (28 sec) on the NYT mini crossword, try new coffee shops, listen to music, and rewatch Gilmore Girls. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or reach out at!

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