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My first goal as Co-EIC upon returning to in-person school was a photo-heavy issue, a sharp contrast from the blurry Zoom photos and graphics that had populated our magazines the year before. After a couple of staff-wide lessons on shutter speed and exposure, we created a stunning first issue that was laden with photo galleries on nearly every page. The crowning achievement of this magazine was our coverage of Homecoming, which had happened just days before we sent the magazine to the printer. 

When I felt that SNO wouldn’t do my photojournalistic coverage justice, I turned to third party sites. I found that platforms like Exposure allowed me to emphasize my visual storytelling far more, and I used it to cover local Christmas and Diwali festivals. 

Photos also were a powerful tool I used for sports journalism. In all of my game reviews, I used photo galleries and supplemented my stories with Instagram posts to capture the excitement and emotion of games when words couldn’t do them justice.