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My math tutoring philosophy encompasses two methods - concept based learning and practice. First, I believe students best learn at their own pace, attempting to arrive at a solution on their own rather than working off of a formula by rote. When I tutor, I walk students through a problem discussing steps and building up their problem solving skills. This helps students to apply concepts they’ve learned and effectively solve a problem in context, which is exactly what math is about. Second, our brains are only capable of remembering a concept for 10-20 minutes! Without consistent practice, students will find themselves relearning a concept every time they have to use it rather than ever reaching mastery. Hence, I focus on practice, practice, practice with problems that help emphasize the concepts learned. 


As the Editor-in-Chief of El Estoque, my high school’s award-winning newspaper, I am extremely familiar with writing on varied topics and for a wide audience. I won first place in the Journalism Educator's Association "Journalist of the Year" competition, which recognized me as the top high school journalist in the nation. College essay writing is much like journalistic writing — it’s concise and must convey a lot of information in a cohesive format. Writing and editing stories as diverse as breaking news briefs to heartfelt Opinion columns has allowed me to master the ability to allow the writer’s personal voice and personality to shine through while preserving the quality of their content.


In high school, I was ranked the #1 journalist in the country, scored a 36 on my ACT (the highest possible score), and scored 5s on the AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science Exams. 

I have been a tutor for the past 6 years. I was a teaching assistant at Kumon for two years, where I taught kids subjects ranging from pre-kindergarten math to Calculus, both online and in person. I tutored students at my high school who were struggling at many subjects all four years of high school and volunteered at non-profits where I’ve taught classes and tutored underprivileged children in both Math and English.


$60/hr - High School math (Algebra I & above), writing

$100/hr - College Applications

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