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My primary goal this year was to increase our community’s engagement with our stories, which we did through two major avenues. We increased our social media traffic by 130% with content focused on promoting the magazine and online stories. Next, we created a newsletter that teases all of the newest content on the website as well as in the upcoming magazine to all of the people who have bought a subscription to our magazine. 

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To make analytics more accessible to our entire staff, we implemented lessons on SEO and cyclical reflections on the best-performing stories. Using the data from Google Analytics and Instagram Insights, we determined that there were specific tags on our stories and time of day that were most optimal for posting. To instill this in our staff, we made sure to add and edit a section a the top of every story called “Tags.”

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The number of sessions, page views, new users and users have all increased this academic year compared to last year

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A majority of our traffic comes from organic or direct searches. This year, we have focused on increasing traffic from social media as well

Google Analytics data reveals that a majority of page visits are from the U.S. and are during and right after school. As a result, we have focused on posting on social media to promote them.


I also wanted to foster relationships with local businesses, which I accomplished using a multi pronged approach. First, we proactively reached out to local businesses to encourage them to buy advertisements in our magazine directly. Next, we revised the advertisement contract to streamline the ad-selling process for our staff. Finally, we created a sponsorship tier status, which incentivized parents and community members to donate to our publication for various levels of benefits. 

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